Complimentary Buyers' Agent Services

We may well be the first and only Australian business, let alone mortgage broker, that offers complimentary Buyer’s Agent services to its clients. Since 2014, we have purchased more than $50 million worth of property on behalf of our clients by negotiation or at auction!

This is what I, through QED Realty and BIDsquare, do best:

  1. Bidding at real estate auctions
  2. Negotiating with real estate agents
  3. Property research

Rest assured.

I hold a New South Wales Real Estate License since 21 March 2014, and I have been providing complimentary Buyers’ Agent services through QED Realty and BIDsquare, which I also own.

Our Buyers' Agent service is complimentary because:

  1. It’s just one more way of saying thank you.
  2. I enjoy helping people with their home ownership journey.
  3. I am happy with the remuneration that we will receive from the lender when your loan settles.
  1. Not everyone can afford the services of a Buyers' Agent.
  2. I own QED Realty and BIDsquare, and I am my own boss. I can make intelligent decisions in short order.