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makes purchasing and financing your next property easy and exciting.


Securing your home or investment property should be a high point in your life.

It should not be complicated or stressful. You should be given jargon-free information, exceptional advice, top-notch service, and the tools to navigate home loans, interest rates, real estate auctions, negotiations with real estate agents, and more.

What Complete Lending Solutions
Can Do for You

Want credit advice?

We have been offering credit advice and brokering since 2012. We look after everything from pre-approval to settlement. After your loan settles, we actively monitor your loans and recommend necessary adjustments if required.

Want complimentary Buyers' Agent services?

Maybe you cannot afford the services of a Buyers’ Agent. Perhaps you need more than a generic property report. We listened to our clients, and in 2014, we created a unique and best value-added service that you will not find elsewhere.

We offer our clients complimentary Buyers’ Agent services, such as property research, auction bidding, and negotiations with real estate agents through QED Realty and BIDsquare. It's fun, educational, and exciting!

Want to compare home loans & lenders?

We thought someone ought to make comparing home loans and lenders easier, so we gave it a fair dinkum go. We created No fine print, no need to sort through seemingly endless loan information, no need to provide any personal information.

It only takes a few seconds to choose the variables, and an instant later, the calculator reveals the interest and comparison rates and the lender ratings.

You can compare as many times as you want and as often as you like!

Want to track your interest rate?

With, it’s easy to track and compare your home loan interest rates!

Just enter your loan information, choose the frequency with which you would like to be updated, and you will receive email updates about how competitive your home loan interest rate is compared to the current market rates.

Hey, don’t worry. We respect your privacy. We will not call or email to solicit for your business. It’s just not us.

Want to know what you can afford to borrow?

Use our comprehensive, user-friendly home loan affordability calculator at to approximate how much you can afford to borrow.

We're in this together, and we value transparency.

You can draw on our knowledge and skill so that you can learn how to navigate loans, interest rates, auction bidding, negotiating with real estate agents, and more!

Eliminate any doubts by seeing what our clients have to say. Also, watch us in action at real estate auctions. We do make auction bidding exciting!

Check out some client reviews!

What’s in it for us?

We are dedicated to creating satisfied and happy clients who become raving fans! And we’re happy with the remuneration that we will receive from the lender when your loan settles.

Let's get started today!