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We have absolute control in decision making, and we operate

within our licenses, without restriction or compromise.

Here’s how we do it

We get to know our clients well and each client is different. We appreciate our clients for their uniqueness and who they are, because at times it turns out to be a new experience.

Backed by a BSc. Honours degree in Pure and Applied Mathematics, literacy in Game Theory and 17 years experience working and trading in the financial markets, and as a credit broker since 2002, we can be bold without being rash, systematic without being over cautious, and identify, embrace and manage risk rather than avoid it.


During this introductory call, we will explain our procedure and ask some basic questions. You will have a first impression of Complete Lending Solutions and we will have a first impression of your personal situation.

Client Profile

We interview prospective clients as much as, if not more, than they interview us. We are selective in who we work with because we strive to have deeper, more consultative client relationships.

When we first meet it’s all about getting to know each other.

Expect to discuss –

Your profile, personal circumstances, financial position, credit objectives, property requirements.

Our profile, the service we provide, and how and why we can be of service.

You help us to help you by being prompt and responsive with the information we require to complete our assignment.

Your Instructions

When you choose to proceed and appoint us as your credit consultant and broker and we accept the appointment, we will provide you with, and you will need to sign the –

Instructions and Cost Agreement.

Buyers’ Agency Agreement with QED Realty if you choose to use the complimentary Buyers’ Agent and Auction Bidding Services.

Documents That We Will Require

We will provide you with a List of Documents we will need including –

Identification, business structure, employment, income, expenses, assets and liabilities, credit history.


We will use the information and documents you supply us with to make an in-house credit, affordability, and cashflow stress Assessment irrespective of your complex financial situation or the loan size you require.

The Assessment will provide us with the strength of your loan application and any potential problems that may arise. The importance of the strength of your loan application is two-fold. First, to overcome any potential problems identified and build a case to get your loan approved or seek credit exemptions from the lender, or both; and second to negotiate a competitive interest rate from those lenders (usually the major banks and their subsidiaries) that do not publish their best home loan interest rates and we have to apply for discretionary pricing.

Though the in-house Assessment may be viewed as unnecessary, it is imperative because it enhances the approval of the loan application and we are not in the business of lodging applications in the hope they will be approved by the lender. It also maintains our proud record of never failing a client.

Statement of Credit Advice & Loan Application

When we are comfortable recommending lodging your loan application, and you are comfortable with that, we will finalise and complete the –

Assessment (as required by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act 2009 Commonwealth).

Statement of Credit Advice which you will need to sign.

Credit Application & Privacy and Consent Forms which you will need to sign so we can lodge the application to the lender.

Did you know that all credit licensees (banks, credit unions, finance companies, mortgage brokers) must make an Assessment to meet their Responsible Lending Obligations of the National Consumer Credit Protection 2009 (Commonwealth) and must give you a copy if you ask for it?

How would you know if your bank or broker fails to disclose it or give you a copy without you asking?

Keeping in Touch

We do not outsource any aspect of our work.

We have total control of the loan process from enquiry to application to settlement and beyond.

Interest Rate Reviews

Lenders often change their benchmark interest rates which impact existing customers whilst offering new customers ever increasing discounts and cashback offers. What may have been competitive yesterday can be uncompetitive today.

We monitor your loan interest rate and will advise you if it is uncompetitive and seek remediation.

Remember that we are here to help you with your home loan and any property matter that you may have, not just when you are applying for a loan.

We are a 100% privately owned credit brokerage.

Another reason why we never cut corners or serve prefabricated solutions – we have to,
because it is in the best interest of our clients.