Oh, by the way … this is what you will not find on our website!


That we are experts, specialist and have 150 years combined experience, that we partner with our clients, continually exceed expectations, we are customer focused, or our lender panel has over 35 lenders that offer more than 2,500 products.


Biggest Financial Commitment

We won't tell you a mortgage can be the biggest financial commitment of your life and you need the right broker to find you the right loan. You won't hear from us that lenders have different lending policies and often change them, and you need a mortgage broker by your side to get your loan over the line. Lenders often change their interest rates, borrowers experience stress and confusion when browsing through bank and lender websites trying to compare products, or that our loan strategy report is a comprehensive document approximately 25 pages long.


What Your Bank Will Not Tell You

You also will not find that your bank will not tell you if you could get a better deal with the lender across the road or around the corner.


Incredible Interest Rates

... that 95% of our customers get a discount below the bank standard variable rate ... that a home loan deal that saves your friend money might not be the most appropriate deal for you ... that we will find the right loan for you ... that we will save you thousands of dollars.



... we are going to pay you 0.40% cashback or rebate or refund or mates or buddy rates, on your home loan of if you deal with us ... and so on.


Our Clients Love Us

You will not find that we have hundreds of positive customer reviews from Arman VIC, Anna NS, Marsha and James first home buyers QLD, Rocco WA, Damien ACT, Nina and Jen investors from Balmain, Tara SA, Fiona and Shrek from the Swamp, Muffin from Drury Lane, Irina and Sergei Canberra, Pablo from Melbourne, Mr Magoo Sydney, and many more.


Bank Speak

Finally (sales talk from lenders) ... we can help you find a flexible home loan that suits your needs. Refinance your home loan to us. We will give you a $2,000 rebate when you switch your loan to us. One giant leap for home loans. Support from our Home Lending Specialist every step of the way. We'll help you find the home loan that best suits your needs. We know that buying a home is both an exciting and daunting life experience. We appreciate and value our relationship with you and are focused on retaining your business and we will look at what our best interest rate offer is for you. Check out our new business acquisition specials. T&C apply.



We like to get straight to the point.

You can read the above and many more on other brokers' and banks' websites.