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Complimentary Buyers’ Agent & Auction Bidding Service

Our success record.

Over and above our expertise in credit, we also offer complimentary Buyers’ Agent services through QED Realty and BIDsquare that take advantage of our breadth of experience.

QED Realty has negotiated or bid at auctions worth of residential and commercial property on behalf of clients of Complete Lending Solutions.


Why we offer this complimentary service.

First, a client is a client is a client, and not everyone can afford the services of a Buyers’ Agent. It is also another way of saying thank you for your custom.

Second, I enjoy working with real estate (I own QED Realty & BIDsquare). We save a lot of money because we do not pay kickbacks for referrals and I reinvest the money saved back into our companies for the benefit of our clients.

Third, we are not a controlled business arrangement – I also hold my own credit and real estate license – and we do not answer to a higher ranking boss. We are not a franchise, owned by a bank, mortgage manager or underwriter. Neither are we owned by an accountant, solicitor, real estate agency, insurance broker, financial planner or developer. We are a 100% privately owned premium brokerage.

Fourth, we are quite happy with the broker commissions paid by the lender for organizing your loan.


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