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Complimentary Buyers’ Agent & Auction Bidding Service

Our success record. Over and above our expertise in credit, we also offer complimentary Buyers’ Agent services through QED Realty and BIDsquare that take advantage of our breadth of experience. QED Realty has negotiated or bid at auctions worth of residential and commercial property on behalf of clients of Complete Lending Solutions....

Aug 28th, 2017

Is the Multi-Decade Bond Bull Market Over?

Yes! It is very likely that the 3-decade long bull bond market (lower interest rates) ended on 2 August 2016.   On this day, the 10-year Commonwealth government bond futures contract traded at 98.20 (equivalent to 1.80% yield) on the ASX 24 Futures platform (aka Sydney Futures Exchange). The 3-year Commonwealth government bond futures co...

Jun 24th, 2017

QED Realty Offers an Auction Bidding Service

Property Auctions Bidding at Auction need not be daunting or intimidating. Most auctioneers are predictable in their style in order to lull bidders into feeling secure. They also make efforts to create pressure and excitement so that an immediate sale may be secured under the gavel. But if you are able to read the auctioneer, size up t...

Dec 13th, 2016

Official Cash Rate & Future Direction of Interest Rates – December 2016

The Reserve Bank decided to leave the Official Cash Rate unchanged at 1.50% on 6 December, 2016.   Why did some lenders increased variable interest rates the day before the Reserve Bank board meeting? This is what the lenders have said. There is a need to regularly review interest rates for investment loans to ensure they reflect e...

Dec 6th, 2016

Official Cash Rate & Future Direction of Interest Rates – August 2016

The Reserve Bank reduced the Official Cash Rate from 1.75% to 1.50% on 2 August 2016. Is the multi-decade bond bull market over? The 3 decade long bull bond market seems likely to be almost over because – 1. First, quantitative easing, bond purchases and negative interest rates are ineffective compare to the Global Financial Crisis....

Aug 2nd, 2016

Nominal, Real and Complex Median House Price Indices

Nominal, Real and Complex Median House Price Indices House Price Indices Changes in house prices measured by this index are nominal house price movements. In isolation, this is not a true and accurate measure of property trends and price deviation from fundamental values.   What Drives Property Prices Demand The main drivers...

Jan 3rd, 2016

Implied 3 Month Forward Interest Rates

What does the Interest Rate Swap Yield Curve Imply? What is a Yield Curve? The yield curve shows the relationship between yield and the term to maturity, at any given point in time. It provides important information on what the wholesale market’s expectations are on monetary policy, economic activity and inflation. What is the Int...

Jan 2nd, 2016