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QED Realty Offers an Auction Bidding Service

Property Auctions Bidding at Auction need not be daunting or intimidating. Most auctioneers are predictable in their style in order to lull bidders into feeling secure. They also make efforts to create pressure and excitement so that an immediate sale... Read more

Sydney property hits 47.8 times earnings

An Oatley apartment was sold at auction on Saturday 30 November 2019. I was not surprised that there was a dozen or so hopeful bidders, with several bidding relentlessly. The successful bidder paid 47.8 times earnings ( (rent less outgoings)... Read more

Openn negotiations

I have been contacted by a prospective purchaser seeking assistance with bidding on a property she was interested in and advertised on; and credit advice and brokering on her loan. The short answer was "Welcome to online auction bidding".... Read more

Do rising mortgage rates trigger lower house prices?

While it certainly is true that higher interest rates increase borrowing costs, this generally happens in periods with higher economic growth, rising inflation, rising incomes, higher levels of employment and increasing consumer confidence. House prices also fluctuate on supply and... Read more

The Psychology of Real Estate Auctions

  I approach each real estate auction as an open reveal Poker Game intermingled with Mexican Standoffs and subtle Psychological Warfare tactics.   I can read the auctioneer and size up the other bidders. I know when and how to... Read more


  The bidding for this property opened at $1,400,000. I started bidding at $1,701,000. The property sold to my clients for $1,751,000 after I bid only 3 more times.   Guess what? Our auction fee was again complimentary. Want to... Read more


  There are always exceptions to the 7 Auction Rules. Here, I enjoyed a robust battle of wits with the auctioneer. Great auctioneer and top bloke. If you love a good battle of wits as much as I do, watch... Read more