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Loyalty Tax

  Now that we had three Reserve Bank interest rates cuts in June, July and October 2019 and banks have not passed in full the Reserve Bank cuts, the topic of the "Loyalty Tax" has surfaced.   Withhold some of... Read more

Best Interest Duty

The Morrison Liberal government’s proposed Consumer Credit Protection Amendment (Mortgage Brokers) Bill 2019 contains a new best interests duty obligation on mortgage brokers but not on lenders.   The application of this test would require mortgage brokers to ensure their... Read more

Need Some Assistance?

  ‘Need some assistance? Speak to a Mortgage Broker’ the ad boasted.   But the best part of the ad was 'Access 3,000+ loans from over 20 lenders.'   A simple arithmetic calculation equates to an average of 150 loans... Read more

Whinging Mortgage Brokers

Recently, there has been a lot of extra whinging from numerous mortgage brokers that the time and effort required to prepare a loan application has increased, and wait for it, wait … it is eating into their profitability.   They... Read more

Did they not think that APRA has the last say?

On Thursday, 20 June 2019 Westpac made a bold move to reduce their serviceability assessment rate from 7.25% to 6.50% for first home buyers. APRA set a floor of 7.00% in December 2004. Late Thursday night, Westpac made an abrupt... Read more